Rating: *****

Leicester Square Theatre, London

Summary: Breathtakingly inventive mix-media dance show

It’s rather easy to describe what Siro-A does; they’re a performance troupe that blends hi-nrg techno music, light & video projections, dance and a bit of comedy into a single act. What’s less easy to describe is the jaw-dropping spectacle that results from their unique blend.

Following a little audience interaction with a cast member dressed up as an extra from a Pet Shop Boys video, the show starts by revealing a pure white stage interspersed with some white cubes and panels. At the back left and right of the stage, perched behind two white podiums, are the DJ and Video/light director. Dressed in white, standing stone-still like robots, they’d be a perfect fit for a Kraftwerk performance.

Almost instantly, a techno soundtrack kicks in and the clinical whiteness of the stage is bathed in a psychedelic blend of light and video into which the 4 remaining members undertake their performances.

What follows is an hour of dance and performance that integrates video and light (and shadow) in the most unique, surreal and exciting manner imaginable. The interplay between the performers, the lights and the video projections is choreographed with meticulous precision. But what stands out is the technical and physical creative genius that’s on display – on more occasions than not the audience is left speechless at what they’re seeing.

Siro-A has been dubbed the Japanese Blue Man Group. They’re not. They’re better and, unlike the Blue Man Group, they don’t outstay their welcome. At a little over an hour long, the performance leaves you wanting more, much more. This show really needs to be seen to be believed and it really must be seen.

Please note that this performance features the use of strobe lighting and lasers


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